Terms of Membership

The members of New England Dungeon Society (New England DS, Inc.) agree to and are bound by the following terms of membership:

I agree that my attendance at any event or activity of the New England Dungeon Society (NEDS) shall be solely as a member of the organization and not as a member of the public. I am aware that NEDS is an educational, social and support group for those who engage in what is commonly known as sadomasochistic practices. I understand that NEDS must maintain a responsible public image and will do nothing to tarnish this.

I understand, further, that membership in New England Dungeon Society (NEDS) is open only to people over the age of eighteen, and I certify that I am at least eighteen years old.

  1. I understand the subject matter and nature of the practices of consensual bondage and discipline, sadomasochism, power exchange between willing and consenting adults, homosexuality, bisexuality, heterosexuality, fetishism, and other related sexual or dominance-and-submission activities. In all activities of NEDS, I will obtain knowing, informed consent of those with whom I am interacting and I am aware that consent can be withdrawn at any time.
  2. I state and agree that I find none of these subjects or activities offensive or objectionable. I wish to be a member of NEDS for the purpose of learning more about these subjects, including safety issues relating to BDSM and the ethical values of the BDSM community, and to socialize with others who have these subjects as a genuine interest.
  3. I recognize that in order to teach the subject matter effectively, some of the programs sponsored by NEDS may be sexually explicit. I consent to the explicit nature of such programs and certify that this does not make them offensive or objectionable to me. I may be exposed to sexually explicit content during meetings and from mailings I may receive at the address provided above or at addresses I may later request that NEDS later transfer my mail.
  4. I accept that there is nothing illegal involved in the posting, etc. of sexually explicit messages, electronic mail, and files. I agree not to disseminate proprietary or classified information or copyrighted material. I will neither conduct nor co-ordinate illegal activities via on-line messages or in another manner.
  5. I agree not to bring or consume any alcoholic beverage or illegal drug at any meeting, program, or gathering sponsored by NEDS (except that I may consume alcoholic beverages at an event held in a bar where the sale and consumption of alcoholic beverages is legal and expected or an event at which the board of directors of NEDS authorizes the consumption of alcoholic beverages).
  6. I agree not to bring a camera, video recording device, or audio recording device into any meeting, program, or gathering sponsored by NEDS unless specifically authorized in advance by the board of directors. I further agree that should any camera, video recording device, or audio recording device be brought into a New England Dungeon Society event by me or by someone acting on my behalf, such equipment will be subject to immediate confiscation and all its film, media, or recording data will be subject to immediate destruction.
  7. I recognize that BDSM and the related activities described in Paragraph 1 above carry inherent risks. I assume the risk of physical and emotional injury incident to my participation at meetings, programs, and gatherings sponsored by NEDS, and I waive any claim of liability that might arise against New England Dungeon Society, or its officers, directors, committee chairpersons and committee volunteers, or members, from my participation at meetings, programs, and gatherings sponsored by NEDS or from my use of information or techniques learned at such meetings, programs, and gatherings.

I understand that a violation of the above terms may result in the forfeiture of your membership and a revoking of access privileges. In addition, I am aware that membership may be revoked or denied at the NEDS Service Board's discretion at any time for any reason. The NEDS Service Board reserves the right to edit and/or remove messages from the system.

All registration information is considered to be proprietary and will not be used for any purpose other than the maintenance of the system data base files. NEDS does not allow access to member personal information to anyone for any reason.